Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hands off ladies!!! He's mine....

4th of July

We spent the morning picking blueberries and working in our garden

We then headed to the club pool. It's our tradition every year. John Lleyton gets to swim, we eat the BBQ buffet and swim some more until fireworks begin around 915. John Lleyton has a hard time staying awake.... And warm. I was so cold this year. The car said it was 75 degrees when we were leaving. 

He talked me into facepaint.... With glitter

And there were s'mores at the firepit

The latest harvest

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mr. Personality

More maters

Delirious after hours at the pool


Why does he age so much with a haircut?!?!?

Spreading the word

This thing has a radio y'all. A ckient gave this to us and john Lleyton can't get enough of it. I haven't figured out how to change the radio station and it's set on a Christian station. When we turned it on it screamed "Jesus Christ our Savior..!!!!!.."    

So we rode all over the neighborhood spreading the Gospel I guess you coukd say. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Between the history he is leaning at school and vacation bible school, John Lleyton has come up with some new life rules. He adds new ones to his journal every morning. Hey really make me chuckle. I'll add more as he does. Here are "John Lleytons Life Rules"

1.  No slaves
2.  If someone says something mean walk away
3.  Treat your friends they way you are treated (he means the cardinal rule here, treat others as you want to be treated)
4.  Do good

Friday, July 4, 2014

My new bed spread

John Lleyton says he prefers the green bed spread. Ya know the one we donated when he was 18 months old. I don't even think I have a picture of it !  How does he even remember that?????

Father's Day fishing trip

Pulmonologist waiting room

We get a little bored. These appointments have been known to last as long as four hours. Since today was a quick chrvk up it was only 1.5 hours. 

On this day, john Lleyton was given a breathing test. It was NORMAL y'all. His asthma diagnosis is now considered mild. Dr menendez said we would never take the diagnosis away as asthma is known to flair back up in mid life or with sports. As I'm typing this I am listening to jl wheeze from inhaling smoke bomb smoke from his fourth of july fireworks!  I told him not to do it!!!!!

Hippie hair

So these head bands are all the rage. I tried it, got a headache, and it lasted all of two hours on my head. I think I'm old. 

Birthday train ride

We were invited in a train ride for one of jls friends. Such a cute idea. 

LPGA June 2014

Greg talked me into the LPGA. I wasn't really sure it was a good idea with jl but he was a rock star there. He was so good, quiet, and pretty patient. My dad came up too and we had the best time. We arrived around 9. We took separate cars because I was sure after an hour u would have to leave with jl. The weather was perfect. We walked through the gates and arrived immediately at a joke where Stacy Lewis would be so we waited in her for about 20 minutes. 

Bus rode from parking. 
Jl thought this was way cool. 

They were calling the HOGS

Horse riding lessons

John Lleyton has always expressed interest in having a horse. Greg had a welsh pony growing up and we've contemplated getting a horse when we move to our land. To me, it was important jl know how to handle a horse and take care of a horse. Cedar springs in Farmington will teach him this!  So far he is really enjoying his lessons. He's had two and on the second lesson he rode a different horse and got her to turn all around the arena, stop, go, and trot!

Second lesson