Sunday, April 13, 2014


We are expecting crazy storms today. It's been a lazy Sunday and we decided to let clementine in for a bit since it was sprinkling. She prefers it ousted but enjoyed some play time with jl once I covered the couch with an old sheet!

The New School Art Show

Some art from John Lleytons class:

This was
From another class but so cool!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Funny sayings.

"Mama are y'all gonna talk about calories again at dinner?"

"My P.E. Teacher has a busted blood muscle in her eye."  ( blood vessel)

"I thought you told me everyone started out as babies?!  Adam and Eve didn't! Hmmm. Maybe they would have made better decisions if they had parents."

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Wizard of Oz

What a great show!  This pic is with the Tin Man. Jl has a pretty large canker sore in his mouth and it hurts to talk or smile so we did a handshake picture. After the picture we headed right down the road to  Colliers Drug Store to get Ambesol. By the time we made it to dinner he said "mama I need some more of the numbing sauce".  Love that kid. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hiking on Kessler Trail/ Rock City

Today was a great day for a hike. The trail we picked was a little muddy but was a great hike with lots of rock cliffs and scenery.   The sound of the frogs today was mesmerizing. It's my favorite sound in the world.  I even got video / sound recordings!

John Lleyton is really at home in the woods. He packed his own back pack with beef jerky, a flashlight, and water. He begged to bring it and was reminded when he was tired if it we were not carrying it. HE NEVER TOOK IT OFF!

It was a great one mile hike. We coukd have gone further but we decided late in the day to go and it was nearing supper time. 

My allergies are in full swing after the hike so I'm off to take some meds while Greg does a tick check on JL. I found one one him as he was getting in the shower!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring break

It's not going to be much of a break around here but we will make the best of it!  Due to all of the snow days we've had this winter I've missed a lot of work. I always stay home when John Lleytons school is closed asy schedule usually accommodates it the best. However, it is missed income so I am making that up over spring break.  

Up until last night I had half the day Monday filled with evaluations but they both cancelled. I went aged and took JL to school and worked from home until 1. During this time I took breaks to do three
Loads of laundry, sweep garage and front porch, make beds ( we don't make beds unless we are expecting company. Just have to let some stuff go in the morning rush), hand deep cleaned the washer ---(it looks brand new!!!) and dryer, and tidied up the house. 

I left at one to tend to some things at the office. I packed dinner for JL so he coukd eat after karate and whole Greg and I did a quick 30 minute workout. 

I left the office at 315 and had JL to karate by 345. At 430 we left Karate and headed to the gym. By 530 we were headed home. Greg cooked a quick dinner for us whole JL took a bath. He played superheroes while we ate and asked a ton of questions about what the strongest animal was on earth and who was a nicer person---Noah or John from the bible. We always eat dinner together so this was an "off" night.  After our dinner JL read two books and we laid down and tried to figure out why the cat is now mysteriously limping. 

After JL fell asleep I got up and did one more load of laundry and went through the mail.  It is now time for me to turn in!

The flooring is here!

Annual eggs

Every year I am too late taking down my front door Christmas decor. I actually leave it up for Valentine's Day because it's red. About that time, every year, a bird will build a best in it. When john Lleyton was a baby the cutest little birds were born and then these horrible ants ate them. I was devastated. It was so horrible to watch. I really dislike ants now because if that. 

When we get a nest I always take pictures of the eggs because they have looked different each year.  This year there are only 2.  

Our front door has a glass pane right where the best is built each year do we get to watch the eggs very closely!


Mama bird has laid more eggs. One day when we were outside we noticed she had an egg that had fallen out of her best and cracked. She has since laid two more eggs!